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M. Arndt and K. Hornberger
Quantum interferometry with complex molecules,
in: B. Deveaud-Plédran, A. Quattropani and P. Schwendimann (Eds.),
Quantum Coherence in Solid State Systems,
International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi", Course CLXXI, Vol. 171, p. 103-130
IOS press, Amsterdam (2009)


This chapter reviews recent experiments on matter wave interferometry with large molecules. Starting from an elementary introduction to matter wave physics we discuss far-field diffraction and near-field interferometry with thermally excited many-body systems. We describe the constraints imposed by decoherence and dephasing effects, and present an outlook to the future challenges in macromolecule and cluster interferometry.

(28 pages, 11 figures)   [journal, eprint arXiv:0903.1614 ]

ISBN: 978-1-60750-039-1             (c) Società Italiana di Fisica 2009