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Movie of Growth of Cu on Cu(001)
by R. Gerlach and L. Douillard

(click on the image to view the movie)

A pyramid-like structure produced by successive sequences of step flow growth and on top nucleation. Pyramid basis consists of static step bunches. During deposition the steps move outwards, i.e. the center is the top of the pyramid.
The video sequence consists of 111 images and shows a total time of 550 s, i.e. 9min and 10s of Cu growth on Cu(111) at 128C sample temperature. The Deposition Flux was 161s/ML.

The LEEM images with a field of view of 3.0m were taken at an Electron energy of the incident electrons of 3.2 eV.
Growth parameters: Deposition Flux = , 6.2 10-3 ML/s (1040C), 161 s/ML, Sample Temperature = 401 K (128C)/
Authors: R. Gerlach, L. Douillard
Affiliation: CEA Saclay, Paris
Website: http://www.cea.fr
Publication: Surf. Sci., Vol. 480/3, 97 (June 2001)


University of Duisburg-Essen | AG Horn-von Hoegen


Au (5x3.2) Reconstruction Domains grown on Si(111). Courtesy of F. Meyer zu Heringdorf and R. Tromp, IBM.

Growth of Lead on Cu(111). Courtesy of Gary Kellog, Sandia

PEEM Images of Pentacene Islands on Si. Courtesy of F. Meyer zu Heringdorf and R. Tromp, IBM