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IV International LEEM/PEEM Conference
Organized by the University of Twente, The Netherlands

Detailed information about the conference can be found at the Conference Web Site: http://www.tn.utwente.nl/vsfleem/

The Fourth International LEEM/PEEM Conference was held at the University of Twente in the Netherlands with approximately 60 participants.  The conference focused on magnetic investigations (especially x-ray magnetic circular dichroism,  XMCD), ultrashort phenomena studied with PEEM and new illumination sources, new techical developments in the field such as aberration correction, and a number of LEEM/PEEM applications.

Conference Outing
For the conference outing a chartered bus drove the scientists to the "Openluchtmuseum", an open air museum that shows a collection of houses from Holland's past.

A lot of windmills and a beautiful collection of houses awaited the guests at the museum. After a short coffee break and a guided tour through the museum, there was plenty of time to walk around, explore the museum in small groups, talk science, and take pictures.

After the museum closed, the bus took the group to the conference dinner, at the restaurant "De Watermlle" in the village of Haaksbergen. "Watermlle" is the Dutch word for "water mill" and accordingly, the restaurant was located on a river, next to a set of two old water mills. First, a (few) typically Dutch drinks were served outside, then a guided tour through the water mills was offered. The water mills are still functional, and one could see and hear all the wooden gearboxes and revolving millstones.

After a lovely dinner, the bus brought the group back to the campus of the University and to the conference site.

Traditionally, during the LEEM conferences the participants vote on the next conference location. This time, two proposals were presented, one by Peter Sutter from the Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island in the USA and the other one by Takanori Koshikawa from the Osaka Electro-Communication University in Japan. Since the last four conferences had been either in Europe or the USA, and there is a growing LEEM/PEEM community in Asia it was an easy decision, with an overwhelming vote, to have the next conference in Himeji, Japan. This conference will be organized by Prof. Takanori Koshikawa (Osaka) and Prof. M. Altman (Hong Kong).

Conference Photo Collections
Galleries of images that were taken during the conference are published here with the express permission of the photographers. However, if you are depicted in one of these images and wish to have the image removed, please contact the webmaster of this site. If you have taken images during the conference and would like to publish them in a gallery, please also contact the webmaster of this site.

Anastassia Pavlovska's Gallery
Frank Meyer zu Heringdorf's Gallery
Takanori Koshikawa's Gallery
Michael Horn-von Hoegen's Gallery


University of Duisburg-Essen | AG Horn-von Hoegen


Au (5x3.2) Reconstruction Domains grown on Si(111). Courtesy of F. Meyer zu Heringdorf and R. Tromp, IBM.

Growth of Lead on Cu(111). Courtesy of Gary Kellog, Sandia

PEEM Images of Pentacene Islands on Si. Courtesy of F. Meyer zu Heringdorf and R. Tromp, IBM