The last SPA-LEED Workshop took place from October 1st - 2nd at Haus Humboldtstein, Remagen, Germany.
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Welcome to

This page is the new SPA-LEED WIKI that replaces the good old and deserted SPA-LEED webpage. Without registration you only have read permission. Write permission requires getting in touch with the Horn-von Hoegen group. Some parts of this WIKI are in german due to historic reasons. Feel free to translate.

So, in brief, how does this work? Most of it is fairly easy and self-explanatory. There are a few important points, however, that I would like to emphasize:

  • If you want to make changes to any page of the WIKI, i.e., correct a page or add information, you simply log in with your group account, browse to the page you want to change, and click on “edit page”. A window opens where you can edit the page. Once you click “save”, the page is changed in the WIKI. For fancier formatting tricks (tables, html code etc.) you can check the Dokuwiki manual, which you can also find on
  • If you see the need to create a new page, please be aware that there is a directory structure on the WIKI. Please _search_ for the page that you want to create, giving the complete path. For instance, if you wanted to create a page “crappy_software” in the software section, you would search for “:software:crappy_software”. The search would be without results, of course, but as long as you are logged in, you will be given the chance to create the page after the unsuccessful search.
  • If you desire to remove a page, edit it and erase everything on the page. Then save the empty page. This makes the page disappear from the WIKI. Renaming of pages can only be done by the administrator.

I am very curious how this will work out. Enjoy the WIKI, try not to screw it up, and if anything goes wrong, please contact me.

Frank Meyer zu Heringdorf

FKP Universität Hannover Entwicklung des SPA-LEED durch Prof. Henzler und Mitarbeiter

Arbeitsgruppe Horn-von Hoegen, Betreiber dieser Seite

Omicron Herstellung und Vertrieb der Geräte

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