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 ===== Required Software/ Installation Instructions ===== ===== Required Software/ Installation Instructions =====
-For //LEEDLab 2018// the MATLAB Runtime (R2018a ​(9.4)) is required. It can be installed using the Zip-file with web_installer.+For LEEDCal 2013 the MATLAB Runtime [[http://ssd.mathworks.com/supportfiles/MCR_Runtime/​R2013a/​MCR_R2013a_win64_installer.exe|R2013a ​(8.1)) 64-bit (direct download link)]] ​is required.
-For //LEEDCal 2013// the MATLAB Runtime (R2013a ​(8.1)) is required. ​{{:​software:​mcrinstaller.zip|MCR R2013a (8.1)}}+For LEEDLab 2018 the MATLAB Runtime ​ [[http://ssd.mathworks.com/supportfiles/downloads/​R2018a/​deployment_files/​R2018a/​installers/​win64/​MCR_R2018a_win64_installer.exe|R2018a ​(9.4)) 64-bit (direct download link)]] ​is required. ​
-After the installation of MATLAB Runtime a restart of the whole system ​is highly recommended.+Note that the MATLAB Runtime required for LEEDLab 2018 is a different one from that needed for LEEDCal 2013, and that MATLAB Runtimes are not downwards compatible.\\ 
 +After the installation of any MATLAB Runtime a restart of the computer ​is highly recommended.
-The Zip-file for //LEEDLab 2018// contains //LEEDLab_ _Base.exe//,​ which should be stored in the same folder like the //LEEDLab 2018 (v 1.0).exe//​. +__Contact ​us by:__ info@fritz-sojka-gbr.de ​\\ 
-For //LEEDLab_ _Base.exe// the MATLAB Runtime (R2013a (8.1)) is required, too. //LEEDLab_ _Base.exe// will be used by //LEEDLab 2018 (v 1.0).exe// automatically. +__or visit us here:​__ ​   [[https://​fritz-sojka-gbr.de/​]]
-It includes the fit algorithms and requires a license. +
- +
- +
-Contact ​us by: info@fritz-sojka-gbr.de+
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