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⇒ geometric simulations of complex surface structures

⇒ calibration and correction of LEED pattern for high precision analysis

⇒ numerical fitting the simulated structure to spot found in the LEED pattern (available from Fritz & Sojka GbR)

⇒ can be used for conventional LEED, MCP-LEED, and SPA-LEED, regardless of the brand


LEEDCal 2013 (v 4.0)

The free LEEDCal software package provides a powerful algorithm to determine and correct systematic distortions in LEED patterns. Easy to operate via its graphical user interface, LEEDCal will automatically generate a correction matrix by analyzing a sample with a known surface structure with minimal user intervention. This calculated correction matrix can be saved and later on applied, by using LEEDCal_corr, to rectify all future diffraction patterns recorded with the same LEED optic. This allows accurate interpretation of lattice constants/epitaxial relations when used in combination with the LEEDLab software or by your own methods.


LEEDLab 2012 (Demo Version)

LEEDLab is a software package for LEED simulation (free) and measurement (available from Fritz & Sojka GbR). It has been developed to enable geometric simulations of complex surface structures, allowing objective determination of the lattice parameters or epitaxial matrices from LEEDCal corrected patterns. For carefully calibrated devices an unsurpassed accuracy of typically 1% is attainable.

Required Software/ Installation Instructions

For LEEDLab 2018 the MATLAB Runtime (R2018a (9.4)) is required. It can be installed using the version with web_installer.

For LEEDCal 2013 and the full version of LEEDLab 2018 the MATLAB Runtime (R2013a (8.1)) is required.

After the installation of a MATLAB Runtime a restart of the whole system is recommended.

The Zip-file for LEEDLab 2018 contains LEEDLab__Base.exe, which should be stored in the same folder like the LEEDLab 2018 (v 1.0).exe.

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