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SPA5_5 (contributed by Sokolowski-group)

Renewed Version of the Turbo-Pascal-Software (SPA4.1) which contains the following features:

  • password requiered → contact the Sokolowski-Group
  • 1dimensional Scans on the arc of an circle
  • resolution in 2d-Scans enhanced to 800*800
  • “masking” of areas
  • currently there is no support for HPIB any more. In principal this is still included in the code, but we are not able to compile it the right way (see below)

If you want to use the functionality of circular scan, you have to go to the 1D-Menu, then Press STRG-F5. You will notice that the names of some input parameters will change. Now you have to specify Radius, angle, start angle and so on. Afterwards you can start the scan just the way you are used to. Note that the definition of the angle is different in this case - 0° belongs to 12 o' clock.

Before you can use the Version, you have to check the following points:

  • You have to have enough extended memory. You can reserve extended memory using the following command in your config.sys: “DEVICE=C:\DOS\EMM386.EXE 1536”. Needless to say, that you have to remove any line similar to this.
  • You have to have the correct adress of the burr-brown-board in your default.val. You can achieve this by simply copying your old default.val into the directory.

The program is free of charge, you can also download the source code and develop it any further. We're happy about any kind of feedback.

If you want to compile your own version, the following informations about the compilation might be helpful:

  • the program is compiled using TurboPascal 7.0. You have to use tpx.exe, compiling under turbo.exe fails because of a lack of conventional memory.
  • For compilation we used a PC of the following type: Pentium 1, 100 MHz, 32 MB RAM.
  • If you are not using a HPIB-Board, you have to set the option for conditional compilation to noiec
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