Improving traffic efficiency and avoiding congestions and accidents  - the MEC-View test site and pilot installation.

Press release of the University of Ulm (German only)

Article of the SÜDWEST PRESSE (German only)

The MEC-View partners and the City of Ulm urban administration agree on the installation of a test site at the interseciton of Mähringer Straße and Loherstraße in the urban disitrct of Lehr.

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Learn more about the MEC-View project and the Ulm test site.

The MEC-View partners University of Ulm, City of Ulm, and Nokia publish a press release on the start of the project.

press release (German only)

The MEC-View project partners met for a project kick-off workshop together with the project executing organization representatives from TÜV Rheinland on 6th of December 2016 at the Robert Bosch GmbH in Abstatt.

During the kick-off workshop the project consortium declared the project-mission statement:

  • Mastering complex and challenging traffic situations - demonstration of the use case "automatically entering a priority road" in a real traffic environment at a test site in the city of Ulm.
  • Evaluating the benefit gained by connected road side sensor systems (LiDAR and video) for the automated driving in an urban environment.
  • Providing a local dynamic environment model based on road side sensors object detection, classification, and tracking.
  • Meeting the real-time latency requirements by means of a mobile edge computing (MEC)-server and a prototype high-performance LTE/5G mobile radio network. Ensure the communication and data transmission between road side sensor system, MEC-Server, and automated vehicles.
  • Providing a dynamic track clear detection and information by means of the MEC-server.

The project MEC-View started off with its implementation phase at the 1st of December 2016.

The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy funds the MEC-View project in the context of the announcement "highly and fully automated driving in challenging driving situations". The announcement comprises a focus point of the BMWi-program "new vehicle and system technologies" as well as associated policy guidelines.