author = {Rainer Schnell and Mark Trappmann},
title = {The effect of the refusal avoidance training experiment on final disposition codes in the {German ESS-2}},
year = {2006},
institution = {Zentrum für quantitative Methoden und Surveyforschung, Universität Konstanz},
abstract = {The implementation of a Refusal Avoidance Training (RAT) within wave 2 of the German part of the European Social Survey (ESS) successful reduced the amount of reported refusal by nearly 7%. The effect of the reduction was compensated by a nearly equal increase in the proportion of non-contacted designated respondents. This effect may be due to non-random allocation of trained interviewers. Further randomized experiments are neccessary to separate the effects of RAT on response rates.},
url = {http://www.uni-due.de/%7Ehq0215/documents/2006/2006_EffectRefusalAvoidanceTraining.pdf}