The script language JACVANN.bs can be used to process extensive jobs by writing programs using up to 25 commands. A detailed reference is shown here.

JACVANN.bs works in a two stages. The fist stage is the definition stage. All necessary variables were initialized. If specified they were set to the defined value, else to the default value. With command 'Train' the second stage, training the network, begins. After training variables can be set to new values and training can be repeated. Script handling ends by reading the command 'End'.

Example program:

# JACVANN.bs - batch scripting for JACVANN
# training is started with command 'Train'
# 'End' marks the end of the batch file
# the output is written to the OutputFile

OutputFile = 'output.txt'
DataSetFile = 'experiment1.cds'

# topology of the network
Topo = '1,3,1'

InitType = 'initRN'

TrainAlgo = 'BackProp'
LearningRate = '0.1'

TrainType = 'CrossValidation'
# 10 fold
CrossValidationParts = '10'

ErrorFunction = 'RMSD'
ErrorGoal = '0.05'

SaveNet = 'false'

# start Training

# end batch processing