JACVANN.pars is a parser to convert the most common data files into the .cds Format. JACVANN.pars comes with two modes: real-mode (-r) and complex-mode (-c).

In real-mode, JACVANN.pars reads the data and writes it only to the real part of the complex numbers. Using this mode it is possible to easily process real-valued problems within JACVANNs complex-valued neural network. An adequate input encoding function should be used, like 'polarEncoding' to transform real-values to complex ones.

At complex-mode, every number from the input file is set as real or as imaginary part of a complex number as the case may be. The count of real numbers form the input file has to be even in this case.

JACVANN.pars is able to read the most common data files similar to CSV-files, e.g. like Attribute-Relation File Format (ARFF). It ignores empty-lines and ones beginning with '#', '%' or '@'. If the remaining data has the same number of data fields in every row, JACVANN.pars will read every numerical value, other values will be ignored. Decimal point has to be '.', values have to be separated by ','.