You are located at the homepage of Raymond Hickey, former Professor for General Linguistics and Varieties of English, Institute for Anglophone Studies, University of Duisburg and Essen. Please note that I no longer teach at the university (since February 2021). There are three linguistics professors at the university who can be consulted by students seeking supervision during their studies: Birte Bös, Isabelle Buchstaller and Maida Kosatica; for more information, please click on their names. There are also a number of dedicated lecturers working in linguistics in the Department of Anglophone Studies, see the relevant staff list.

There are a number of other websites which I have constructed and which visitors to this homepage might be interested in. These websties will (hopefully) remain accessible to anyone interetestd though the respective links (university URLs).Click on any of the links below to be re-directed to the website in question.

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