The linguistics team

The section General Linguistics and Varieties of English at the Department of Anglophone Studies is very much a team effort.

The work in the office would not be possible without the expertise and friendly help of our secretary Ms Anke Steinhoff. Together with the student assistants, she serves our students well, helping them with course materials, handing in essays, getting certificates of various kinds. The team can deal with a permanently ringing telephone and can rise to heights of professional catering when the occasion demands this as with foreign visitors or someone’s birthday.

The office is normally open in term on Mon to Thurs from the early morning to the early afternoon. Off-term the hours might be reduced given that there are fewer students around.

N.B.: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the secretary’s office will not be occupied. The telephone number should function, however.

Our secretary

  Anke Steinhoff

Room: R12 R05 B48
Tel.: 0201/183-4004
Fax: 0201/183-6507