Scene Analysis:

The Colours


In the film "Matrix" every colour is chosen with a deeper meaning. There are two different colours used to point out the distinction between the inside of the Matrix and the reality.

Whenever a scene takes place in the Matrix, the whole scene is coloured green. There are several things and feelings associated with this colour that cause certain effects on the viewer. ‘Green’ is the colour of decay (like mould), disease (you get a greenish face when you are sick) and dead. And everyone living in the Matrix is nothing else than a nearly dead person in the real world who is kept alive in a reddish liquid.

But ’green’ could also be a colour of danger, because there are several scenes, like the scene, in which Trinity fights against the policemen or during Neo's interrogation, so in our scene ‘green’ could be a sign of danger as well.

Another reason for the green the green colour may be that it stands symbolical for the green code of the Matrix, which you can see quite often in the film.

The other important colour in Matrix is blue. Blue is always used when the outside of the Matrix, the reality is displayed. Blue is the colour of truth, calming and hope; the only way to help the people that arrested in the Matrix, recognize the truth has to come from the outside. But blue is also a very cold colour. This makes sense, because in our scene one of Cypher's reasons is that he continuously feels cold. This "cold" must not be understood physically only: The people have darkened the sun in order to take the machines their energy and the Nebuchadnezzar also moves under the ground, so you have to feel cold inside, if you have lived in this ship for nine years.

The blue colour in the real world

The green colour inside the Matrix

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