Workshop on Fourier-Mukai transformation
and abelian varieties.
February 6-7 2004, Universitt Essen

DfG Schwerpunkt Globale Methoden in der komplexen Geometrie

  Organizers: Franziska Bittner and Manuel Blickle.  

Programme: Using Polishchuk's book [1]  Abelian Varieties, Theta Functions and the Fourier transform we want to understand the modern technique of Fourier-Mukai transforms. As a concrete goal we aim for Beilinson's and Polishchuk's [2] proof of the Torelli theorem which uses Fourier-Mukai transforms. The workshop will also discuss some classical results on abelian varieties but will present them from a modern point of view. See the link below for a more detailed description of the topics.

[1] A. Polishchuk. Abelian varieties, Theta Functions and the Fourier Transform. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2003.

[2] A. Beilinson and A. Polishchuk. Torelli theorem via Fourier-Mukai Transform. In Moduli of Abelian Varieties, volume 195 of Progr. Math., pages 127--132. Birkhuser, Basel, 2001.

Detailed Programme Description: pdf ps

Participants: A list of participants is found here.

Talks: Room T03 R03 D26 (how to get there?).
Friday February 6, 2004

welcome speech

10:15--11:15 [1] introduction to abelian varieties Kai Ruelling
11:30--12:30 [2] biextensions Denis Osipov
lunch break
14:00--15:00 [3] dual represents Pic Jochen Heinloth
15:30--16:30 [4] properties fourier-mukai Alexander Zheglov
Saturday February 7, 2004
09:00--10:00 [5] jacobians of curves Remke Kloosterman
10:15--11:15 [6] theta divisors Stavros Papadakis
11:30--12:30 [7] symmetric powers of curves Segiy Mozgovyy

lunch break

14:30--15:30 [8] varieties of special divisors Thomas Bauer
16:00--17:00 [9] torelli theorem Ralf Gerkmann

Date and Location: The workshop will take place at the Universitt Essen. Arrival is the evening of Thursday February 5th and departure is Sunday February 8th. Thus we have 2 full days of talks: February 6th & 7th. 

Lodging: All participants are staying at Hotel Korn (Hoffnungstrasse 19, 45127 Essen, +49 (0) 201 221414) which is in less than 10 minutes walking distance of both, the Essen main train station and the University.

Registration: If you are interested to attend please send an email before December 15th to, indicating your preference of talks you would like to give.

Finincial Support: For members, the DFG Schwerpunkt "Globale Methoden in der komplexen Geometrie" will pay for travel and accomodation. There might be financial support available for non-members of the Schwerpunkt as well, please indicate in your email if you require funding.