The participants of the "Essen Seminar" are Gebhard Boeckle, Hélène Esnault, Ulrich Görtz, Georg Hein, Moritz Kerz, Marc Levine, Eckart Viehweg, Gabor Wiese and their collaborators and doctorial students.

External members are:
Stefan Schröer (Düsseldorf)
Martin Möller (MPIM, Bonn)
Torsten Wedhorn (Paderborn)

Emeriti, still supporting the seminar:
Gerhard Frey
Jürgen Herzog

Most of its members are supported by the SFB/TR 45, a research project, based at the Universities in Mainz, Bonn, at the MPIM in Bonn, and in Essen. It is funded by the DFG.

Additional support is coming from:
The "Leibniz-Preis" (DFG), . (H. Esnault and E. Viehweg, 2003-2010).
The ERC Advanced Grant (H. Esnault)
The A.-v.-Humboldt professorship (M. Levine)
The DFG-Nachwuchsgruppe (M. Kerz)