Fb 6, Mathematik, Essen

How to get to the University, to the Department of Mathematics and to the conference center?

The Department of Mathematics is in the south-western corner of the main campus of the University (north of downtown Essen), close to the subway station "Universität Essen" at the crossing of "Segeroth Straße (Bottroper Straße)" with Grillo Straße (Hans Böckler Straße)" (see the 3D-map of the campus or map of the campus ). The Department of Mathematics is on the first, second, third and fourth floor of the building T03.

There is an entrance (S03), close to the subway station "Universität Essen". Starting at the station, you walk around the new "lecture hall", and a little bit uphill towards the new building, "the Forschungshaus", pointing towards the subway station. On its left hand side, just at the corner with an older building, you will find the entrance S03. Take the stairs or the elevator to the fourth floor. There are two corridors starting at this point. The offices of most members of our group, the tea-room and the usual lecture room (T03 R04 D10) for the Oberseminar and smaller workshops are in the red corridor (D). To reach the lecture room just go ahead. The tea room and the offices of Gebhard, Hélène and Eckart are just behind the lecture room (follow the right turn of the corridor).
Just in case you get lost: Inside of the university ask someone to call Hélène (2507) or Eckart (2420), or any other member of our group.

The doors S03 and T01 are closed in the evening and on weekends (you can leave the building if you press a little button next to the door, but not get in). Then one has to enter the building taking the entrance S05, close to the "Hörsaalzentrum" in the interior of the campus (The guard might ask you for some permit. Our invitation letter should be sufficient). In this case take the elevator or stairs on the left hand side, go to the fourth floor, and follow the blue corridor (F) to the next staircase. You reach the same point as above. In case you are walking from downtown, or from the subway stop "Berliner Platz" the nearest entrance is T01. Again you have to reach the fourth floor, find the red corridor. From this side you first reach the offices of Gebhard, Hélène and Eckart, and then the tea and lecture room.

The conference center (Hörsaalgebäude on this map), where larger meetings take place, is on the ground floor of the building in the center of the campus. In case you come from the subway station "Universität Essen" follow the blue line on this map. If you come from the other side ("Berliner Platz" for example) choose the blue line here.

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