German-Spanish Workshop on Moduli Spaces of Vector Bundles

Uni Due



University Duisburg-Essen
at the Essen Campus
February 12-16, 2007

Room T03 R02 D81

This is the first of two workshops organized by research teams at the CSIC in Madrid, Spain, and Essen and Mainz, Germany. The aim of the first workshop is to introduce the participants to some more advanced topics in the theory of moduli spaces of vector bundles on an algebraic curve. 

The second workshop will take place in Madrid, Spain (-> Workshop Homepage).

  Introductory Courses (5 x 1h) 

 Special Lectures (1h) by 

            Luis Álvarez-Cónsul, Christopher Deninger, Hélène Esnault, 

Oscar García-Prada, Marina Logares, Stefan Schröer, Andrei Teleman

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The workshop is kindly supported by the following institutions

Ministerio de Educacion