In-Shoe Pressure Distribution under the Foot during Running

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These data were collected from a comparative running shoe study. 22 subjects performed 5 repetitive running trials across a force plate. 8 piezoceramic force transducers (3mm x 3mm) under the foot were used to identify the plantar pressures in two different running shoes. Peak tibial acceleration (PACC in g), maximum achilles tendon angle (PRON in deg.), and maximum pronation velocity (PVEL in deg./s) were also measured. For the two running shoes the PP-values represent the maximum pressures under the heel. The pressure animation represents the averaged and time normalized pressure patterns of the 22 subjects in both footwear conditions.

More details about this study (comparison of 19 commercially available running shoes) are reported in

More information on the properties of the piezoceramic transducers