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Animations !!! 

barefoot pressure isobarograph animation (107 k)

wireframe-animation barefoot walking (117 k)

in-shoe pressures in two running shoes (93 k)

in-shoe pressures - average of 2090 trials from 22 subjects (80 k)

Tennis Ball Impact on the String Area of a Tennis Racket

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Pressure Distribution Applications 

Footwear Research & Running Locomotion

Foot loading in early childhood, for school children, and adults
Foot architecture and loads on the human body
Effects of overweight / obesity on foot mechanics

Transducer Technology and Measurement Procedures
Capacitive and piezoelectric pressure transducers, ultrasonic velocity transducers
Global positioning systems (GPS, DGPS) for sport applications

Shock transmission through the human body

Warm-up & Stretching
The effects of warm-up and stretching on muscular performance

EMG of endurance and explosive type activity athletes

Interaction between the racket and the human body

Bicycle Research
Forces on the pedal, pressure distribution under the foot, fatigue effects

Soccer Research
Game Analysis, Soccer Shoe Properties, Shooting Speed, Shooting Accuracy

Loads on the human body during various sport activities (trampolining, platform diving, triple jump, fosbury flop, broad jump, volleyball)

Clinical Research
Ankle brace function, diabetic foot, neuromotor disorders, Parkinsonian gait, prosthesis measurements


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