Lukas Maas



L. Maas: On a Construction of the Basic Spin Representations of Symmetric Groups, Comm. Algebra, 38 (12), pp. 4545 - 4552, 2010

L. Maas: Modular Spin Characters of Symmetric Groups, Dissertation, Universität Duisburg-Essen, 2011 PDF

Here is a document that explains how to compute powermaps of some Young subgroups in a double cover of a symmetric or alternating group.
I worked it out for my GAP package SpinSym.


SpinSym: a GAP package that contains most of the data I computed for my thesis. More information can be found here.

moc (with Felix Noeske): a GAP package that is based on the original MOC system of Parker, Lux, Hiss, and Jansen. In preparation.