ICM Board

ICM board

The ICM board was established on the basis of the Administration Policy. Members of the board are:

  • the vice rector for ICM
  • the chairperson of the ICM Commission
  • the head of the administration
  • the directors of the CIM and  UL
  • and a representative of the Centre for University and Quality Development (consultative)

The ICM sector

The ICM-sector of the UDE consists of two autonomous institutions working together closely:  UL and CIM are not combined into one central ICMservice institutions (as, for example, at the universities of Ulm and Cottbus). At the UDE UL and CIM cooperate in the ICM board and work together a newly established cooperation-sector - particularly in two integrated consulting services, the E-Competence-Agency and the e-Point.

The essential features of the model in Duisburg-Essen are the reorganisation of the central units and the combination of all central ICM-services but especially the cooperation-sector and the direct integration with the university top management.

Function of the ICM-Board

The ICM-Board works on the basis of rules and regulations. It determines the strategic aims of the university in the sector Information, Communication and Media according to the parameters of the university management. It defines requirements and allocates the resources of CIM and UL necessary to achieve these aims and supervises their implementation.

The ICM-Board works cooperatively on the following issues:

  • imparting media-competence, E-Competence, Training, Further Education
  • Digital Library, Archive, Bulk Storage
  • Infrastructure for the Virtual Campus, e-learning and Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Combined ICM-Servicecentre

The ICM-Board is committed to the integration and realisation of new developments in e-learning, knowledge- and learning management.

Organisation of the ICM sector