Andreas Kempf

Scientific Career

since 2011                    
Professor at the University Duisburg-Essen and Head of the chair "Fluid dynamics"

(Senior) Lecturer at the Imperial College London (Assistant/Associate Professor), section 'Multiscale Simulations in the field of Thermal Fluids' of the mechanical engineering department, examinations officer of the mechanical engineering department

Doctoral thesis and postdoctoral research with Prof. Dr.-Ing. J. Janicka in the engineering department at the TU Darmstadt, Dissertation: Large-Eddy Simulation of Non-Premixed Turbulent Flames.

Study in Mechanical Engineering at the TU Darmstadt, diploma thesis: 'Large-Eddy Simulation of a Counter Flow Configuration', Mentor: Prof. J.-Y. Chen, University of Berkeley, CA, USA

Research Interests

  • Large-Eddy Simulation of turbulent reactive flows
  • Simulation of the Nanoparticle Synthesis with LES
  • Large-Eddy Simulation of internal combustion engines with
  • Development of particle based computational modelling methods
  • Further development of the LES and DNS Code PsiPhi
  • Improvement of the applicability of LES-Methods
  • Development of the diagnostics 'chemiluminescence tomography'

Professional Roles

  • Associate Editor of the Proceedings of the Combustion Institute
  • Associate Editor for Progress in Energy and Combustion Science
  • Member of the editorial board Flow, Turbulence and Combustion
  • Speaker of the board of the Center for Computational Sciences and Simulation (CCSS)
  • Member of the HPC resource allocation panel at NIC Jülich

Membership of Networks and Associations

  • German and British section of the 'International Combustion Institute', Centre for Nano-Integration (CeNIDE), Centre for Energy Research (CER.UDE)

Journal Publications since 2011

Link to Google-Researcher-Profile, Researcher IDand Scopus

Wen, X., Stein, O. T., Debiagi, P., Scholtissek, A., Kronenburg, A., Kempf, A. M., Hasse, C., Detailed simulations for flamelet modelling of SOx formation from coal, Proc. Appl. Math. Mech 19:1 (2019). LINK

Rieth, M., Chen, J.-Y., Menon, S., Kempf, A.M., (accepted 2018) A Hybrid Flamelet Finite-Rate Chemistry Approach for Efficient LES with a Transported FDF, Combustion and Flame.

Tufano, G., Stein, O. T., Wang, B., Kronenburg, A., Rieth, M., Kempf, A. M., (accepted 2018) Coal particle volatile combustion and flame interaction. Part II: Effects of particle Reynolds number and turbulence, Fuel.

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M. Rieth, A. M. Kempf, O. T. Stein, A. Kronenburg, C. Hasse, M. Vascellari (accepted 2018), Evaluation of a flamelet/progress variable approach for pulverized coal combustion in a turbulent mixing layer, Proceedings of The Combustion Institute.

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Kempf


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