Ezra Pound



Brief an William Carlos Williams





London, 21 October 1908


I wish, no fooling, that you would define your ultimate attainments of poesy. Of course we won't agree. That would be too uninteresting. I don't know that I can make much of a list.

1. To paint the thing as I see it.
2. Beauty.
3. Freedom from didacticism.
[40] 4. It is only good manners if you repeat a few other men to at least do it better or more briefly. Utter originality is of course out of the question. Besides the Punch Bowl covers that point.

Then again you must remember I don't try to write for the public. I can't. I haven't that kind of intelligence. ' To such as love this same beauty that I love somewhat after mine own fashion.'





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The Letters of Ezra Pound 1907 – 1941. Edited by D. D. Paige.
London: Faber and Faber 1951, S. 36-40

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