CoRE Interview Bruno Langela

In 3 Sentences: What is CoRE?

CoRE is the integration of research, teaching, and product training for turbomachinery with a close connection between science and industry. The proximity between the university and Siemens Energy facilitates diverse opportunities in this collaboration.

What role do you play in student education?
We gladly support exclusions, internships, bachelor's and master's theses. Additionally, we are always available to assist our partners with our expertise in the assembly, maintenance, and operation of turbomachinery operated by the university. Students can apply for our sponsorship program, providing financial support and demanding product training for steam turbines and turbo compressors.

What motivates the collaboration between the university and Siemens Energy?
Personally, it's always fascinating to work with individuals who are passionate about turbomachinery, especially when they approach the topic from a different perspective. The company engages with potential new employees earlier, reducing the onboarding time after hiring.

How do students benefit from the program? What can they learn?
Students get up close with turbomachinery not just on paper but also gain a good insight into the machinery, which is usually only possible in the training center.

What is the goal of the program? What happens next for the students?
The goal is clear – there must be added value for all three parties: university, students, and Siemens Energy. The collaboration has been ongoing for several years, and my expectations in this regard have been exceeded. All students we sponsored have taken up positions with us upon successful completion.

Are there plans for the future of the training program?
At the moment, I don't see a need for fundamental changes. However, there are always minor adjustments on our part concerning the product training of our selected students.