TWM - Transnational ecosystem-based Water Management

Are you the future water manager?

Managing sustainable freshwater ecosystems for a better life

Today’s world is facing an increasing demand for fresh water related freshwater ecosystem services. Against the background of climate change and its impact on the global economy, the sustainable use and management of water is of paramount importance, for example, for food production, flood protection and sanitation. This applies to both developed and developing countries and addresses drinking water supply as well as waste water treatment.

European water legislation acknowledges the role of ecological principles in water resources management and puts focus on the protection of freshwater biodiversity, as a prerequisite for freshwater ecosystem functioning and related services. The implementation of ecologically sustainable and integrated water management practices, however, requires a new type of water manager, educated with a fundamental understanding of ecosystem functions and capable of integrating socio-economic, ecological and engineering sciences into future water management.

Enrole now and become this new type of water manager!

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