Lecture series "Approaches to Urban Complexity"

The lecture series of the Joint Centre Urban Systems continued in winter term 2012/2013.
You will find the programme of the lecture series on the below this entry.

Please kindly note that we switched the lectures on 31.10.2012 and 14.11.2012: On 31th October Christian Walloth will gave his lecture on "An Introduction to Urban Complexity and Systems Thinking" and on 14th November you could listen to the presentation by Susanne Moebus and Hans-Kurt Flemming titled "Here comes the rain again".

The lecture series which has started in the Summer semester 2009 will be held in English in winter terms for both programmes "Sustainable Urban Technologies" and "Urban Culture, Society and Space". In the summer terms the lecture series will be held in German. Experts from the public community will present current issues on the "Approaches to Urban Complexity".