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Welcome to the international scientific meeting
“MaNaCa meets SpinS-2020”!



Dear colleagues,

We are glad to announce that 12th edition of the SpinS workshop will be held in Aghveran, Armenia on 24-26 September 2020 and kept in a new format – as joint meeting with preceding international school-workshop on nanomagnetism MaNaCa focused on the Magnetic Nanohybrids for Cancer Therapy (22-23 September 2020). Funded by European Union in the framework of Twinning/Horizon 2020 project, this school is a part of series of meetings in Germany, Greece and Armenia in 2019-2022. We believe that announced alliance of SpinS workshop with MaNaCa school may especially be attractive for young scientists (students and early-career researchers) who would have chance to participate and gain knowledge and inspiration from both events.

Keeping the tradition of previous SpinS editions, the workshop program will cover recent developments in nanomagnetism and novel applications. We welcome experimental and theoretical research contributions related to nanoscale spin systems phenomena as well as design, properties and applications of magnetic nanomaterials. The schedule will include a maximum of 30 oral presentations (20 min + 10 min for discussions) and an afternoon poster session.

The sightseeing program will include the exciting tours to Greco-Roman colonnaded Temple of Garni, medieval monastery Geghard, high-altitude lake Sevan, and Etchmiadzin Cathedral - perhaps the oldest cathedral in the world.

Take a unique opportunity to visit and explore an authentic Armenian nature as well as a famous hospitality and join us for the scientific event “MaNaCa meets SpinS-2020”!

Sincerely yours,

Aram Manukyan, Marina Spasova, Anna Semisalova, and Michael Farle


This year, the workshop is planned to cover the most recent developments in nanomagnetism, including (but not limiting) the following:

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Previous editions

  • Damping in nanomagnetism, Perpignan, 11/2009
  • Spin dynamics in nanomagnets, Duisburg-Essen, 10/2010
  • Dynamics of Nanomagnets Assemblies, Perpignan, 11/2011
  • Surface and Interface Effects in Nanomagnets, Porto, 10/2012
  • Optical and Electrical Properties of Nanomagnets, Paris, 10/2013
  • Excitations in Nanomagnets, Barcelona, 12/2014
  • Controlling magnetic nanostructures, Konstanz, 09/15
  • Nonlinear Nanophotonics meets Nanomagnetism, Le Mans, 09/2016
  • Interactions at the nanoscale, Rome, 10/2017
  • Role of magnetism in energy harvesting and conversion by hybrid nanostructures, Perpignan, 10/2018
  • Duisburg/Mülheim, 10/2019