Growing up in transnational families. Children’s perspectives on “good childhood”

Dorastanie w rodzinach transnarodowych. “Dobre dzieciństwo” z perspektywy dzieci

Illustration of the back cover of an open book that is turquoise and has two orange map location points connected by a dotted white squiggly line. Underneath is the word “DoDzi” in thick orange letters with a turquoise dot over the letter “I”.

Starting Point

As a result of the unrestricted freedom of movement within the EU, labor migration in Poland has changed: European rather than transatlantic migration is on the rise, and temporary labor migration in particular has increased.

This has resulted in not only the increased importance of the German-Polish labor market, but also in the creation of a variety of transnational family arrangements, strengthening the connection between Poland and Germany.

Families with mothers temporarily working abroad are often the focus of public debates but rarely of scientific research in Poland or Germany, especially from the children’s perspective.

As researchers in the field of childhood studies, we ask with this multi-method project how children perceive and evaluate transnational family arrangements and how they define “good childhood.”