ICAN: High performance cut-off machine

High performance cut-off machine

High flexibility through different mounting systems, e.g..:

  • Quick mount system
  • Sample holders for rotation or oscillation
  • automated x-table, for simple and fast handling of large series
  • large volume: 258(W)x184(L)x440(H) mm
  • Cut-off wheel positz-adjustable for different wheels
  • adjustable feed speed
  • adjustable rpm of cutting wheel


Präzisionstrennmaschine-Secotom 50


Cut-off wheels:

Size 75-203 mm
Aufnahme/Innenbohrung 12,7 mm und 22 mm
RPM 300-5000 RPM (in steps of 100 RPM)
z-adjustment 0-40 mm z-height adjustment with a joystick

Cutting capacity: 70mm dia. or 165x50 mm


Feed speed

0,005-3 mm/s (in steps of 0,005mm)

Cutting length 0-190 mm ( in steps of 0,1mm)
Width 258 mm
Length 184 mm
T-notches 8 mm


Height 440 mm closed hood
1055 mm open hood
Width 644 mm
Depth 784 mm with connections