NETZ: Facts, dates, figures

The NanoEnergyTechnikZentrum is made up of the expertise and creativity of scientists who research tomorrow's sustainable energy supply. Hub of the work is the research building that was built with project funding specifically for this purpose. Here are some facts about the NETZ:

The Duisburg Campus of the University of ­Duisburg-Essen is in close proximity to partner institutes like The hydrogen and fuel cell center ZBT GmbH, the Center for Semicon­ductor Technology and Optoelectron­ics (ZHO), and the Faculties of Physics and Engineering

3,900 square meters of useable space, including 36 labs, 66 offices, a high-tech microscopy center, and ­conference rooms

In-house gas-phase synthesis facilities for nanomaterials on the pilot-plant scale that sits directly next to »Linked Facilities«

A center for the development and analysis of functional nanomaterials for sustainable energy applications and technology

Approximately 120 scientists from chemistry, physics, and engineering from the University of Duisburg-Essen, as well as partners from academia and industry

Working groups stay at NETZ for a limited project period – this approach ensures that NETZ is flexible and ­remains open to new developments and fields of research

EUR 46 million (EUR 32.1 million for construction; EUR 5.7 million for initial set-up; EUR 8.1 million for state-of-the-art equipment), awarded through a competitive funding scheme of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Federal Republic of Germany

Sustainable heating system, using waste heat from equipment and machinery

»Linked facilities« (connected laboratories) for creating a synthesis and processing chain at the pilot-plant level
Meeting and conference rooms for up to 100 participants

Solar panel system for electrical power generation

Weathering test area for various functional coatings

Sustainable heating system, using waste heat from equipment and machinery

First occupancy: February 2013

Development of the NETZ in time-lapse (Jens Theis and Jürgen Krusenbaum)