Ph.D. Students



My Ph.D. Students   

Here is a list of Ph.D. students that worked in my group in the Institute for Experimental Mathematics in Essen.

Hans Peter Foerster       1989        Christof Paar 1994

Heinrich Schwarte          1995        Volker Braun  1997

Michael Schnell              1997         Olaf Hooijen   1997

Adriaan de Lind van Wijngaarden   1998       

Andreas Wilde               1998         Peter Gober    1999       

Christof Haslach        1999      Jürgen Häring 2001

Alexander Steingaß   2002          Erik Haas 2002

Chaichana Mitrpant      2003          Yanling Chen    2007

Anil Mengi                    2010          Victor Papilaya  2014

Babak Nikfar                2017


Students in our group supervised by Prof. Dr. Trung van Tran (Math):

         Thamas Horvath; Sosina Martirossian; Valer Canda; Lenka Fibikova

          Pavol Svaba;  Marjan Bazrafshan



Main results of their thesis:

Christof Paar:1994       

Effiziente VLSI Architekturen für Bit-parallele Arithmetik in endlichen Körpern

"A New Architecture for a Parallel Finite Field Multiplier with Low Complexity Based on Composite Fields,  IEEE Trans. on Comp., July 1996, pp 856-861.

Heinrich Schwarte: 1995   

Informationstheoretische Untersuchungen zur Approximation von Übertragungskanälen

"On Weak Convergence of Probability Measures," IEEE Trans. on Information Theory, September 1996,pp. 1549-1551.

"Approaching Capacity of a Continuous Channel by Discrete Input Distributions," IEEE Trans. on Information theory, March 1996, pp. 671-675.

Volker Braun: 1997  

Über Modulation, Kodierung und Signalverarbeitung für optische und Magnetische Datenspeichersyteme

"On the Low-Frequency Suppression Performance of DC-free Run length-Limited Modulation Codes",  IEEE Trans. on Consumer Electronics, pp. 939-945, November 1996.

"On the Application of Sequence Estimation Algorithms for the Digital Compact Cassette (DCC)",IEEE Trans. on Consumer Electronics, pp. 992-998, November 1994.

Michael Schnell: 1997      

Vielfachzugriffsverfahren für die Mobilfunkübertragung

"A Low Complexity Equalization Concept for Frequency-Selective Mobile Radio Channels," AEÜ Int. J. Electron. Commun., Bd 50 (1996) Nr. 6, pp. 343-352.

Olaf Hooijen: 1997           

Aspekte der digitalen Kommunikation über Niederspannungsnetzen

"Channel Model for the Residential Power Circuit used as a Digital Communications Medium", IEEE Trans. On EMC, vol. 40, no. 4, pp. 331-336, November 1998.

"On the Channel Capacity of the Residential Power Circuit used as a Digital Communication Medium",     IEEE Comm. Letters,pp. 267-268, October 1998.

Adriaan van Wijngaarden: 1998         

Frame Synchronization Techniques

"On the Construction of Maximal Prefix-SynchronizedCodes" IEEE Trans. onInformation Theory, November 1996, pp. 2158-2166. 

Andreas Wilde: 1998         

Delay-Locked Loop Verfahren zur Codesynchronisation in Spread Spectrum Systemen

"Correlation Branch Selection for Extended Tracking Range Delay-Locked Loops," ETT, January 1998, pp. 57-64.

Peter Gober: 1999         

Aspekte des unkoordinierten Mehrzufachzugriffs

"On the Asymptotic Capacity of a Multiple Access Channel," by L. Wilhelmsson and K.Sh. Zigangirov.   Problems of Information Transmission, published in the March ISSUE, 2000.

Christof Haslach: 1999      

Array Codes auf der Basis interleavter Blockcodes

"A Decoding Algorithm with Restrictions for Array Codes," IEEE Tr. on Information theory, pp. 2339-2345, November,1999

Jürgen Häring: 2001   

Error Tolerant Communication over the Compound Channel

“Performance Bounds for Optimum and Suboptimum Reception under Class-A Impulsive Noise,” IEEE Transactions on Communications, July 2002, pp. 1130-1136.

“Coding and Signal Space Diversity for a Class of Fading and Impulsive  Noise Channels,” IEEE Transactions on Information Theory,  May 2004 , pp. 887-895.

Iterative Decoding of Codes over Complex Numbers for Impulsive Noise Channels, IEEE Tr. on  Information theory, May 2003, pp. 1251-1260.

Alexander Steingaß: 2002        

Simulation von Navigationssystemen

Erik Haas: 2002  

Aeronautical communications
 "Aeronautical Channel Modelling", IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, Vol. 51, No. 2, pp. 254-264, March 2002. Description:

Chai Mitrpant 2003        

Information Hiding

-“An Achievable Region for the Gaussian Wiretap Channel with Side Information,” IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, May 2006, - “Some New characters on the Wire-Tap Channel of Type II,”

IEEE Transactions on Information theory, March 2005, ISSN 0018-9448, pp. 1222-1228,             

Yanling Chen 2007

 “Wiretap Channel With Side Information,” IEEE Transactions on Information theory, pp.  395-402, January 2008,  ISSN 0018–9448

Anil Mengi 2010

Successive Impulsive Noise Suppression in OFDM, ISPLC 2010, March 2010, Rio de Janeiro

 Coded Modulation with a Constraint on the Minimum Channel Symbol Duration, ISIT2009, Seoul, South Korea

Victor Papilaya 2014

 Improving Performance of the MH-Iterative IN Mitigation Scheme in PLC Systems IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, April 2014, V. Papilaya and A.J. Han Vinck


Some photos

Peter Förster  1989  Description: foerster Christof Paar   1994  Description:

Heinrich Schwarte, 1995 Description: Heiner Volker Braun 1997  Description:

Michael Schnell 1997  Description:            Olaf Hooijen 1997 Description: olaf



Adriaan van Wijngaarden, 1998  Description: Adriaan Andreas Wild1998     Description: wilde       

Peter Gober  1999   Description: gober Christof Hasslach  1999Description: haslach

Jürgen Häring  2001  Description: juergenAlex Steingaß  2002 Description: steingass      

Erik Haas  2002 Description: haasChaichana Mitrpant  2003 Description: chai  

Yanling Chen  2007  Description: IMG_0118-1

Anil Mengi  2010  Description: IMG_0956Victor Papilaya, 2014



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