Social Responsibility

Social responsibility through transfer & cooperation at the UDE

"At the UDE, there are a large number of actors from all status groups who have been working intensively for years with partners from society, business, the cultural sector and politics. In order to provide a strengthening framework for these collaborations and the transfer of knowledge into new contexts, we rely on the joint development of standards and appropriate structures that guide and support our transfer activities. The process was launched in 2018 with the UDE's participation in the Stifterverband's transfer audit (audit report, updated self-report) and continued with two university-wide events. In these "Food for Thought" discussion and thinking rounds, the participants dealt with questions of regional anchoring and the international responsibility of the UDE, as well as with the question of how academic knowledge can be conveyed particularly effectively to the outside world - and how external requirements can be systematically taken up.

Prorector Prof. Dr. Barbara Buchenau