Diversity as strength & potential

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Diversity Day2023

On 23.05.2023, the UDE celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Prorectorate for University Culture, Diversity and International Affairs at the Essen Campus, in the Glass Pavilion (R12 S00 H12) from 10:00 - 16:00.

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Diversity Days at UDE

HRK Diversity Initiative

UDE received an award from the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) in the competition "Diversity at German Universities". The UDE lives strong diversity. It thinks diversity in a new way, it understands it as an interweaving of diversity, equality, inclusion and compatibility.

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One University - One Book

UDE was one of nine universities to win the nationwide competition "One University - One Book". The UDE entered the competition with the book: "Biodiversity. 100 pages" by author Jasmin Schreiber.

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Summer party 2023

With this party, UDE thanked the university staff for their great commitment over the past months. The colourful programme also included numerous awards: Students received their certificates for international competence, successful UDE athletes were honoured. In addition, the Young Scientist Award of the Centre for Water and Environmental Research (ZWU) and the DAAD Prize were awarded. Iran" was chosen as the best country pavilion.

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Gruppenbild Misch dich ein

Get involved - do politics on the ground!

We want to give politically interested and committed students an understanding of local political structures, show them how they can participate and shape things, and motivate or encourage them to get involved in politics at the local level.
We offer exciting seminars in Berlin with theoretical content, practical exercises and training, personal exchange with (local) politicians and events in Bochum, Essen and Düsseldorf.
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Family-friendly university certificate

Since 2010, the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) has been allowed to call itself a family-friendly university. berufundfamilie Service GmbH regularly checks which measures the UDE is taking to ensure that working and studying conditions continue to develop. The university was now honoured for its successes as a family-friendly university at the 25th certificate award ceremony.

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Prof. Karen Shire, sees family orientation as a central component of diversity policy: "At the core of our university culture is an expanded concept of family. We understand family as all forms of life and community in which people assume mutual social responsibility in the long term: with or without children, of the same or opposite sex, living alone or in shared accommodation. Through the commitment of our Family Service, we support university members in organising care tasks, related to looking after children and taking on caring tasks. At the same time, we see the central challenges in this area in the coming years. Our goal is to do justice to the diversity of family life. By offering an attractive range of services, we want to increase the visibility of families on campus."
Almost 6,000 employees and more than 40,000 students at the UDE benefit from the measures to promote compatibility. The offer includes, for example, day care, holiday care, care times outside of regular care, counselling services and networking. The UDE sees great potential in establishing a family orientation as a contribution to an excellent academic culture in order to achieve a balance between research, study, work and family time. The focus is on living family life as a visible part of university culture and enabling participation through open-mindedness and individual solutions. This is especially true in light of the fact that about 10% of students at the UDE have childcare responsibilities and about 7% care for relatives, family members or friends in addition to their studies. They thus make a major contribution to society, but are also exposed to particular burdens and find it difficult to complete their studies successfully.
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Under the umbrella of Aurora, the UDE forms an international network for research, exchange and innovation together with nine other universities. Aurora was able to successfully apply to the "European Universities" initiative again this year. The network receives funding of over 14 million euros from the European Commission.

Four more years of funding for cross-border cooperation made possible by the Commission's pledge. For Prof. Karen Shire, this is cause for celebration: "In the future, we will deepen our cooperation with European partners to continue to drive innovation in teaching and learning. Our vision is to combine academic excellence with social engagement and relevance."

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In the future, Aurora will focus on 4 key themes. They include
  • Teaching and learning for social change,
  • Research and Innovation,
  • Collaboration and Engagement through Inclusive Communities,
  • Sustainability.
The UDE is committed to the latter in many ways. As part of the Aurora partnership, the university offers its Master's students the course "Susainability & Climate Change". In the international group, students learn to act as social entrepreneurs in the field of climate change, to assume social responsibility and to work in diverse, international teams. The course is rounded off by international exchange within the Aurora network.
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Design of barrier-free Moodle course rooms

The open Moodle course "Designing barrier-free Moodle course rooms" offers concrete tips on how to structure and design your own Moodle course rooms right from the start so that users with disabilities, for example, can use them without hurdles.


Everyone benefits from a clear structure and a low-barrier design. Much of the content can be transferred to the design of websites and the creation of teaching/learning materials. The course room has been published under the CC BY-SA 4.0 licence by the Moodle Competence Centre of the UDE, with the participation of staff members of the Service Centre.

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