Reserach Data Management


Data Management Plan

RDMO (Research Data Management Organiser) is a tool to support research data management. It is desiged to assist structured planning, implementation and administration of the data in a scientific project. In addition, the tool can create a textual data management plan. With this, RDMO makes it much easier to apply to research funding organizations such as the EU, DFG, BMBF.

Please create your Data Management Plan (DMP) and share it with you respective project owner

Instructions to create a new plan

Data Storage

As of now Pergamon is the primary server with backup where data is stored and backed up. Each of you should have a folder where data could be stored.

Data should be organised in a Folder as in


  • Paper/Presentation
    • Initial Submission
    • Figures
    • Revision 1
  • Sims (Simulation)
    • Added _rev1 if additional
  • PostScripts
    • if python scripts are revised, ad rev1 behind it
  • src
    • code or link to gitlab/external code
  • Experimental Data

Hot data is stored on dev servers and on local machines

Data Backup Strategy


Pergamon Report

Data Archiving

As and when data is published or presented, data should be archived into Coscine. Coscine is a research data management platform for FAIRe (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) data in research projects

UDE researchers automatically receive 100 GB of S3-compatible object storage in Coscine, which can be expanded upon request. In addition, linking of other data sources is possible to display all project-relevant research data at a glance.

There are three types of storage possible

1. Linked Data: data on local data storage systems in the institute or external data storage systems that are not compatible with Coscine can be described with metadata

2. RDS-S3: RDS-S3 University of Duisburg-Essen are object-based storage units for research data. They are based on the same technology as the research data storage (RDS), but the administration of the metadata lies with the user

3. RDS - Web: Research Data Storage (RDS) University of Duisburg-Essen is object-based storage for research data. You can create RDS resources with storage space for your research data as long as the project has sufficient storage quota. Project owners can request additional storage quota.

Data on Coscine

Coscine Projects



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