Competences in Energy Research

The E4-Team: Energy – Efficiency – Emissions – Economy

Prof. Dr. Burak Atakan

Thin film deposition using chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Combustion and flames: formation of materials, mechanism of pollutant formation, influence of additives, heat transfer to walls. Thermodynamic and transport data, reaction equilibria

Prof. Dr. Dieter Bathen

Thermal separation processes, hydrogen storage, particle filtering, CO2 scrubbing

Prof. Dr. Friedrich-Karl Benra

Theoretical and experimental research in turbo engines

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Brakelmann

Power cable technology

Prof. Dr. István Erlich

Wind power and electrical power systems

Prof. Dr. Klaus Görner

Power plant technology, carbon capture and storage CCS, combustion and pyrolysis of coal

Prof. Dr. Angelika Heinzel

Fuel cell technology, hydrogen technology

Prof. Dr. Holger Hirsch

Electromagnetic compatibility, high voltage technology, power line communication

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Krost

Management of distributed power generation systems

Prof. Dr. Christof Schulz

Kinetics of combustion reactions, laser diagnostics in combustion systems and optical engines, synthesis of highly specific nanoparticles, NanoEnergyTechnologyCenter

Prof. Dr. Christoph Weber

Energy and risk management in competitive energy markets, valuation of investments under uncertainty, efficient integration of renewable resources, workable competition in energy markets, energy demand and application

Prof. Dr. Renatus Widmann

Biogas technology, hydrogen generation by fermentation, eco-balances