Service Description and Laboratory Studies

Service Description and Laboratory Studies

Service description of the Laboratory for the environmental and geological analyses of the Research Group of Geology (University Duisburg-Essen), Prof. Dr. U. Schreiber.

All measurement procedures are taking part in interlaboratory comparisons and comparative measurements of governmental and institutional bodies with success.

Prices on application. For major pilot series the service can be offered at attractive special rates.

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Mark Schumann, Laborleiter
Tel.: +49 201 183-4419



Universität Duisburg - Essen
Fakultät für Biologie und Geographie
Fachgruppe Geologie
-Mark Schumann-
Universitätsstraße 5
45117 Essen

Analytical Apparatuses


X-ray Analysis

  • ED-RFA Spectro X-Lab 2000
  • RDA Bruker AXS D8 Advance


Optical Emission Spectroscopy

  • ICP-OES Spectro Ciros CCD


Ion chromatography

  • IC System Metrohm