Kultur-faire Erfassung mathematischer Konzepte am Schuleingang

Kultur-faire Erfassung mathematischer Konzepte am Schuleingang

About 30% of children enrolled in Grade 1 in Germany speak or are raised in another first language than German. Facing current demographical development, we assume additional growth in lingual diversity during the next years.

Among these children Turkish is still the most frequently spoken language. In order to identify children with special needs at mathematics among them, we are originating an efficient diagnosing tool that facilitates assessing the development of mathematical concepts in children in German as well as in Turkish. For this purpose we are going to translate and validate an existing German screening for first graders. Such a screening could help to identify children with special needs in mathematics considering their global language acquisition. The screening’s criterial approach allows deriving fostering measures from the results. In perspective fostering measures are considered that can be used in collaboration with original language instruction in primary school aiming at a translingual approach to mathematics instruction.

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Responsible scientists

Moritz Herzog          
(Department of psychology, faculty of eduction sciences)

Dr. des. Erkan Gürsoy          
(Department of german language as scond language, faculty of human sciences)