L: 2 | E: 0 | P: 0 | S: 0 | Credits: 0 Description

This course will deal with the principles of strategic management, strategic target planning and strategic analysis and forecasting in the automotive industry. After that, the two fundamental lines of research in strategic management will be considered: the market-oriented view and the resource-oriented view underlying the different strategies of automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Considerations of the consistency of strategies, the influence of private equity firms and strategy evaluation will round off the course.

Teaching form:

Lecture, planning game, small case study

Educational objective:

Students will

  • Learn how strategic management is carried out within enterprises
  • Develop an understanding of strategic relationships in corporate decision-making and the associated implementation problems
  • Learn strategic decision-making methods and concepts from the theoretical and empirical points of view

Course achievement:

Written examination, duration 60 min.


Frau Prof. Dr. Heike Proff

Contact Person:

Mr. Gregor Szybisty (M.Sc.)




Planning and Organization, Automotive Value Chain, Product and Positioning


Documents for research and study are available online at Moodle.