Senior Professorship for Politics and Society in China – Thomas Heberer

Academically, Prof. Dr. Thomas Heberer has been involved with China for over 50 years, first visiting the country in 1975 and working as an editor and translator at the Foreign Language Publishing House in Beijing from 1977 to 1981. Early 2013 he was emerited. The rector of the University of Duisburg-Essen simultaneously awarded him a “Senior professorship” for Chinese Politics and Society. Since then, he has continued to be active primarily in basic research. Within the framework of his senior professorship, the previous focal areas of research are being continued, especially the connection with field research he conducted in China on an almost annual basis since 1981.

The third-party funded projects carried recently out by him are the French-German DFG/ANR-sponsored project New Political Representative Claims: A Global View (Brazil, China, India, France & Germany) (2016–2020) as well as the policy advisory project Socio-political-Economic Accompanying Research on the Integration of the City of Duisburg, the Ruhr Area and the State of North Rhine-Westphalia into the ‘Belt-and-Road’ Initiative (2021–2024), see also the full list of research projects. Funding for a new French-German cooperative research project on New Political Imaginaries in the 21st Century: A Comparative and Transnational Analysis (France-Germany-China-India) was submitted to the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) in March 2021.

Currently, Thomas Heberer is working on social disciplining and civilizing in the context of China’s modernization processes. The results of all projects are well documented in a multitude of publications. Cooperation with many partners in Germany and abroad are an important base of the research projects.

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21.09.2021 - 09:56:19

Neue Publikation von Thomas Heberer und Anna Ahlers

Kooperation auf Augenhöhe? In: Forschung und Lehre, 09/2021. Hrsg. vom Deutschen Hochschulverband.

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Partnerschaft mit Wuhan bleibt bestehen

Artikel von Martin Ahlers mit Statements von Thomas Heberer in der WAZ Duisburg, 27.7.2021

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Thomas Heberers Buch jetzt auf Russisch erschienen

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Forschungsprojekt zur „Neuen Seidenstraße“

Auftaktworkshop am 9.3.2021 mit den Projektbeteiligten – Gesellschaftspolitisch-ökonomische Begleitforschung zur „Neuen Seidenstraße“

04.05.2021 - 21:38:16

Vortrag von Thomas Heberer

Wanderer zwischen zwei Welten  |  Dienstag, 4. Mai 2021, 19 Uhr  |  Online-Vortrag