InZentIM Expert Panel - COST CA18115 (TRIBES) & InZentIM Focal Meeting

Developing Social Relationships at School in the Context of Migration

The InZentIM expert panel "Developing Social Relationships at School in the Context of Migration" took place on Thursday, February 18, 2:15 - 3:30 p.m.

The panel was held after the keynotes by Dr. Georg Lorenz and Prof. Elena Makarova.

The two keynote speakers and four other panelists discussed students’ social relationships in the context of migration and highlighted different issues, stakeholders, and research strategies. The panelists related to issues raised in the keynote lectures and linked them to their own research or to the overall theme of the conference. Questions and comments from the audience further added to the panel discussion.



Prof. Dr. Eveline Gutzwiller-Helfenfinger 
     (COST CA 18115 & InZentIM)

Prof. Dr. Hermann Josef Abs (InZentIM)

Paulena Müller (Organisation Assistant)

Expert Panelists

Dr. Georg Lorenz

Berlin Institute for Integration and Migration Research, Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany

Department "Education and Migration"

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Prof. Dr. Elena Makarova

University of Basel, Switzerland

Institute for Educational Sciences

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Prof. Dr. Hildegunn Fandrem

University of Stavanger, Norway

Norwegian Centre for Learning Environment and Behavioural Research in Education

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Prof. Dr. Linda Juang

University of Potsdam, Germany

Inclusive Education - Diversity in Education and Development

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Prof. Dr. Eveline Gutzwiller-Helfenfinger

University of Duisburg-Essen

Interdisciplinary Center for Integration and Migration Research (InZentIM)

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Prof. Dr. Hermann Josef Abs (Moderator)

University of Duisburg-Essen

Educational Research and Schooling

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