Technical chemistry, Gökce groupIntroduction to laser synthesis and processing of nanoparticles

Additive Manufacturing, often known as 3D printing, is a fast growing field with a huge disruptive potential in the manufacturing sector. Since Additive Manufacturing is introduced more and more into industrial processes, the role of high quality feedstock materials has become one of the most important success factors. Our group explores the applications of laser-generated nanoparticles and their composites with a special focus placed on materials for laser additive manufacturing. In this Workshop you will first get a compact overview on the method of laser synthesis and processing of colloids (LSPC) and its applications. You are going to synthesize your own colloid via laser ablation in liquid, adsorb the nanoparticles on polymer powders and finally sinter the powder to a final part.

VAA - Führungskräfte ChemieDer erste Anstellungsvertrag – Was erwartet mich? (german)

Der erste Anstellungsvertrag legt den Grundstein für das Arbeitsverhältnis. Aber was gehört in einen Anstellungsvertrag? 
Neben den typischen Vertragsklauseln dürfte Berufseinsteiger vor allem eine Frage interessieren: Welches Gehalt ist für die erste Position angemessen? Hierzu liefert der Vortrag anhand des VAA-Tarifvertrags über Mindestjahresbezüge sowie die vom VAA jährlich durchgeführte Einkommensumfrage fundierte Antworten. Darüber hinaus werden übliche Kündigungsfristen, Regelungen zum Urlaub, Regelungen zur Arbeitszeit sowie zu weiteren Gehaltsbestandteilen wie beispielsweise betriebliche Altersversorgung, Bonuszahlung oder vom Arbeitgeber getragene Versicherungen vorgestellt.

Referentin: Rechtsanwältin Pauline Rust, VAA Führungskräfte Chemie

ALTANAMarket and Technology Foresight in (Specialty) Chemical Industry

The world is getting more VUCA - volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity are growing. Thanks to the internet and digitalization more information and data are available, nevertheless it is harder to take the right decisions in product development in R&D as well as in exploring new markets. Market and technology foresight as an organizational ability enables a company to ensure future success of new products and new market entries. Probably you never heard of this during the “classic” chemistry studies, therefore I would like to trigger a discussion of the main aspects of market and technology foresight, possible sources and important stakeholders in the company. It will help you to understand the importance of strategic long-term thinking and cross-department work as an employee in R&D in (specialty) chemical industry.

On September 19, Dr. Matthias Lamping and Dr. Christoph Weckbecker will talk about their career development at Evonik at the Junges Chemie Symposium Ruhr"One company - Two careers" - Evonik at the JCS Ruhr

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work for the global specialty chemicals company Evonik Industries? On Thursday, September 19, 2019, Evonik employees Dr. Matthias Lamping and Dr. Christoph Weckbecker will give an insight into their professional lives at the JCS RUhr during their presentation "One company - Two careers".

Dr. Matthias Lamping studied in Marburg and started as project manager at Creavis in 2016. Last year he won the Global Ideation Jam and since then, he is the current Corporate Entrepreneur. He works with his team on the controlled release of active substances for the cosmetic industry.

Dr. Christoph Weckbecker already joined the predecessor company of Evonik (DEGUSSA). After different positions in R&D and New Business Development, he is now Head of Innovation Networks at Corporate Innovation at Evonik Industries AG.

The two of them provide insights into their professional lives, such as the development opportunities that arise from the diverse and agile environment at Evonik. Everyone who is interested is cordially invited to join the event.

Jun.-Prof. Michael Giese & Dr. Jochen NiemeyerMy PhD will end soon, what's next?

If you are thinking about a postdoc (or maybe you already know you want to do a postdoc and return to university later), some things are important to know. Firstly: A postdoc time can be great, since you will have the chance to explore new science and get to know a new country! Secondly: A postdoc can also be really helpful if you want to go to industry afterwards. Thirdly: A postdoc requires a considerable amount of organization - and you need to do this in time!

This workshop will give you some advice on how to find and organize a  postdoc position, for example:

- When should I start organizing?

- How do I find a supervisor?

- How do I apply for funding, like a postdoc-fellowship?

- What else is important to know?

We will try to give some advice based on our own experience. Of course we are also happy to answer any questions about the the "next step", i.e. finding a position in industry or as a junior professor after your postdoc.

Dr. Jonathan FaizOpening the Editor’s Black Box: Insider Tips for Successful Submissions

Publishing papers in reputed journals is an integral part of the research cycle. In this workshop, we will open the Editor's black box by explaining how manuscripts are processed from submission to publication. In addition, we will discuss ethical aspects of publishing and give tips on how to prepare your manuscript for submission and improve your chances for successful publication. Topics to be covered include:

• How do I simplify my writing and improve the presentation of my results?

•  How do I choose the right journal for submission?

• What do Editors and referees look for?

•  How do I improve the visibility of my research?



Jonathan Faiz is Deputy Editor of ChemPlusChem and ChemistrySelect. He studied at the University of Oxford, where he carried out his Part II research with Harry L. Anderson. He obtained his PhD (supervised by Zoe Pikramenou) from the University of Birmingham in 2005, and carried out postdoctoral research in Birmingham (2005-2006) and with Jean-Pierre Sauvage at the Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg (2006-2008). He joined the editorial team of Angewandte Chemie in 2008 and moved to ChemPlusChem and ChemistrySelect in January 2019.