Radio technologies for 5G using Advanced Photonic Infrastructure for Dense user environmentsRAPID

In RAPID, a centralized radio access network architecture (C-RAN) shall be used, which is able to distribute heterogeneous radio signals (3G, 4G, 60 GHz) with high transmission channel capacity over the fiber optic network at low cost. To meet the requirements for the transport of these high-frequency radio signals, a novel coherent fiber-radio architecture (CRoF) will be used in RAPID. Among other things, extremely low-cost (< 10 €) integrated receiver components based on SiGe are being developed for the mobile receiver.

Role of the partner Organization Country
EU-Coordinator Universität Duisburg-Essen Germany
  University of Kent Great Britain
  Corning Corporation Germany
  Siklu Inc. Israel
  Exatel Polen
JP-Coordinator Osaka University Japan
  Doshisha University Japan
  Electronic Navigation Research Institute Japan
  Hitachi Ltd. Japan
  Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry Japan
  Koden Techno Info Japan


More information and contact: Andreas Stöhr