Child care

In cooperation with the MitarbeiterServiceBüro of UK Essen and the Familienservicebüro  of Uni Duisburg-Essen we offer our employees a free, demand-oriented child care, e.g. during conferences and meetings or in case of illness. It is important to us that our employees understand this support as an opportunity to facilitate the reconcilability of work and family life for men and women.

We also offer childcare for our "patient advocacy" workshops in order to enable all those interested to participate, regardless of school holidays and day-care opening hours.

Workshops for PhDs, Post Docs and Geroks

We attach importance to the fact that gender equality applies equally to women and men, therefore both female and male junior scientists of the KFO "PhenoTImE" take part in the seminars.

The aim of the workshops is to sensitize young colleagues to aspects of gender equality and diversity. In the short term, this should have a positive effect on dealing with colleagues and patients, but in the longer term also future employees should benefit, as the "bosses of tomorrow" have learned to question gender stereotypes early in their careers.