Dr. Sarah Jenkins

Sarah Jenkins

Dr. Sarah Jenkins

Position Postdoctoral Researcher
Email sarah.jenkins@uni-due.de
Phone +49 6131 39 24016
Office 2412/ 01-533
Address Twist Group, Faculty of Physics
Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz
Staudingerweg 7
D 55128 Mainz
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Fakultät für Physik, Theoretische Physik


  • Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in, Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Everschor-Sitte

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    Journal articles

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My research focuses on atomistic modelling of magnetic materials and spintronic devices. Specifically, the technologically relevant antiferromagnets IrMn3 and Mn2Au. These materials display ultra fast dynamics and due to their lack of stray fields can achieve extremely high areal densities giving them to potential to greatly outperform ferromagnets in spintronic devices. A large problem in the development of such devices is the detection and control of the magnetisation due to the lack of stray fields in the AFM. Electrical switching of AFM’s has recently been reported however the mechanisms behind these interactions are still to be uncovered. Using an atomistic spin model I have modelled the electrical switching and temperature dependance of the domain wall dynamics in Mn2Au to discover the switching times, domain wall widths and velocities.

My current research focuses on using machine learning to detect small defects in the magnetic properties of a material from videos even at temperatures above the curie temperature. The idea is to use an atomistic spin model to quantify changes in the anisotropy, exchange due to defects which can then be compared to experimental measurements.

I am a developer of the atomistic modelling software package VAMPIRE and have implemented hierarchical and atomistic dipole-dipole schemes as well as a micro magnetic code within the software package. I have also led three workshops on using VAMPIRE.