575. WE-Heraeus-Seminar - Registration

575. Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Seminar

“Functional metalorganics and hybrids”

17 - 19 November, 2014 — Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany


The registration is closed. If you are interested in the seminar, please let us know via email to claudia.weis@uni-due.de.

We ask everyone who is interested in participating to give some information about his/her scientific background. We encourage especially younger scientists and students to apply and contribute a poster. Please provide an abstract according to the available template.

link to: abstract template

The number of participants is limited. If there are more applicants than the Physikzentrum can host a selection for seminar participation will be made from the submitted applications and abstracts. If your application is accepted you will receive notification after the application deadline.

No conference fee will be charged, local expenses for accommodation and meals will be covered due to the kind funding by the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Stiftung. Participants may be required to share a room. Information that helps to improve your comfort during the seminar (necessary dietary, possible room mates, exact travel date/time, ...) will be collected by the Heraeus foundation who takes care of the local organization.

The seminar is generously funded by the Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Stiftung.

more about: Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Stiftung (German)

German info flyer (pdf)
English info flyer (pdf)

abstract layout

word template for abstracts