Costs of living

You have to expect to spend a minimum of 800 € to 900 € per month for your basic expenses. How much you really spend will largely depend on your lifestyle and manner of spending. To give you an example, your monthly expenses might be as follows:

Rent: 350 €
Health insurance: 110 €
Food: 200 €
Phone & Internet: 50 €
Sundry expenses: 200 €    

This is a minimum calculation which can be easily exceeded, in particular when seasonal payments have to be made, e.g. semester contribution, travel. Also consider the extra costs that you face upon arrival in Germany, some of which are the deposit for accommodation, fees for residence permit, semester contribution, telephone connection, possibly new clothes and household items.

Nonetheless, it should also be mentioned that students enjoy reductions on many occasions. Student tariffs are available for health insurance, mobile contracts or leisure activities, to name only a few examples. Rooms in the university’s student halls of residence and offers at the university restaurants are also prized under average for students of UDE.