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Studying in the Faculty of Engineering

Degree Offers

The spectrum of study programmes covers all departments with disciplinary, departmental and interdisciplinary, cross-departmental study programmes in attractive and innovative fields.

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Semester Dates

At this point we would like to provide you with useful and helpful dates for the start of your studies.

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Student Advisory Service

The Support Center for (International) Engineering Students – SCIES acts as a help desk for all questions concerning studies within the faculty and is therefore the first and central contact for students of the faculty.

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Module Database

For the organization of the study plans, the faculty uses an event database in which students can research the study contents at any time and from any place.

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Research in the Faculty of Engineering

Research Profiles

The faculty has combined the structuring of its research activities in interdisciplinary faculty research profiles. These focus the research activities of the majority of the institutes across departmental boundaries.

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Research Areas

The engineering sciences, with their closely networked subject areas, achieve a unique range of research, which is why they are highly regarded and networked in many areas, both nationally and internationally.

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Affiliated Institutes

The affiliated institutes are an important element of the faculty's application-oriented research and represent an elementary link to the economy.

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Scientific Institutes

In order to use the synergies within the Faculty of Engineering and with other faculties, research activities have been bundled in centers.

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The Faculty of Engineering introduces itself


From electrical engineering and computer science to mechanical engineering, materials technology and civil engineering, everything that belongs to the field of engineering is united under one roof.

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Despite its size, the Faculty of Engineering is characterized by a lean faculty administration. Nevertheless, the faculty offers a large and comprehensive range of support services.

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Student Teams

Student teams and student organizations have established themselves in the faculty, working together on a project and realizing it and successfully presenting it at competitions and championships.

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Alumni Activities

The Alumni Network of the faculty was founded with the aim of binding former students and staff to the faculty in the long term. The network publishes a newsletter every quarter and organizes the annual graduation ceremony.

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Study and research in the metropolitan region Ruhr

Two anchor points in the region

Despite all the prejudices, our region is not grey, but green – and rich in culture. At the same time, our region continues to be characterized by iron, steel, industry and ports.

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Living in the city of Duisburg

Sports & leisure, gastronomy, art & culture, numerous shopping opportunities and "special places": The city of Duisburg has much more to offer than just one of the largest universities in Germany.

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Living in the city of Essen

580,000 people live in the Ruhrcity: With the Limbecker Platz mall, the shopping city of Essen has gained enormously in attraction. The local recreation area around Lake Baldeney is also very popular.

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Impressions of Campus Duisburg and Essen

The people of the Ruhr area are known for their open-mindedness, inventiveness and a large portion of curiosity.

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31.03.2020 - 15:12:47

Expertin für Mobilität und Digitalisierung

Wie verändern die neuen Technologien die Mobilitätsindustrie? Welche innovativen, branchenübergreifenden Geschäftsmodelle können Unternehmen …

27.03.2020 - 14:44:39

Schutzmasken aus dem 3D-Drucker

Ein Gummiband, eine Folie und zwei Bauteile aus dem 3D-Drucker – daraus stellen Ingenieure der UDE gerade dringend benötigte Schutzmasken …

27.03.2020 - 10:53:32

Pingunauten-Trainer nominiert

Wer „in die Röhre“ muss, lässt von einem Teil seines Körpers Schichtaufnahmen anfertigen. Doch was für Mediziner*innen die Diagnose vereinfacht, …

05.03.2020 - 15:44:34

Bathen wiedergewählt

Prof. Dieter Bathen, Inhaber des Lehrstuhls für Thermische Verfahrenstechnik und wissenschaftlicher Leiter des An-Instituts für Energie- und …

03.03.2020 - 15:46:07

Neu an der UDE: Hendrik Vennegeerts

Erreicht wird sie nur, wenn wir auch neue Wege gehen. „Wir müssen für die Energiewende die Technik unserer elektrischen Energieversorgung …

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