Research Profiles

The Faculty of Engineering has updated and consolidated the structuring of its research activities into distinctly interdisciplinary faculty research profiles. These focus the research activities of the majority of the departments across departmental boundaries. They are based on an analysis of the competences and scientific activities of the members of the faculty, which have already been developed over many years. The definition of the faculty's research profiles was based in particular on the following criteria:

  • Already ongoing significant third-party funded activities
  • Experience and potential for forward-looking DFG Research Units and DFG Collaborative Research Centers
  • External visibility of the named topics
  • Anchoring of the research topics contained in the faculty's research profiles in education
  • Integration of the existing central scientific facilities and associated institutes, in which the engineering sciences are significantly involved

As a result, the following three faculty research profiles were identified and defined on the basis of the existing expertise.

Managed by:
Prof. Dr. Natalie Stranghöner

Tailored Materials

The research profile Tailored Materials comprises both basic- and application-oriented research. In addition to the further development, processing and integration of materials, a particular focus is on the interdisciplinary approach.

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Managed by:
Prof. Dr. Torben Weis

Human-Centered Cyber-Physical Systems

Digitization of the real world creates a cycle of data that is collected and processed via sensors. The aggregation and use of this data contributes to the control of the physical world. A particular focus is on the interaction between humans and technology.

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Managed by:
Prof. Dr. Dieter Brillert

H2 and Energy

To ensure a sustainable energy supply, new concepts for energy generation, storage and transport must be researched. For the time being, the focus is on hydrogen. Future mobility and the optimal use and conversion of resources are also at the forefront.

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These faculty research profiles are not to be understood as conclusive, but rather as a starting point for a further sharpening and, if necessary, adjustment of the research profiles during the coming years within the framework of a continuous improvement process. To this end, the faculty will monitor the research work carried out in the individual faculty research profiles by means of suitable measures, make adjustments where necessary and thus further develop the faculty research profiles.

In addition to the faculty research profiles mentioned above, the faculty is also active in other research areas that flank and complement the research profiles.

Research Areas