Examination Organization

Examination coordination offers support in examination administration at faculty level. It is the communication interface between the individual institutes and the examination office. The examination coordination office plans the examination dates in the faculty based on fixed rules. The rules state that:

  • the examination period should last about six weeks,
  • the compulsory examinations of three consecutive semesters are to take place without overlapping (two examinations may take place on one day in the morning and one in the afternoon),
  • the compulsory examinations of a semester in a degree program should take place as far apart as possible during the examination period.

Due to the size of the faculty and the resulting large number of examinations, some of which are offered polyvalently in several courses of study, the possibilities of responding to individual requests from students or lecturers are unfortunately very limited.

It is not possible to guarantee freedom from overlapping with elective courses in every case. Neither can we guarantee freedom from overlapping with compulsory examinations with an interval of more than three consecutive semesters in every case.

In the individual institutes the task remains

  • the organization and realization of the respective examination,
  • the assessment of the examination performances and determination of the examination results,
  • the reporting of examination results to the examination office,
  • the independent examination organization of examinations by individual appointment. This includes scheduling and room planning as well as communication with students and the examination office.

The examination schedules of the respective courses of study are listed on the websites of the examination office.

Archiving of written examination papers

The archiving of written examination papers takes place once a year towards the end of the winter semester in February/March. The examination papers are to be packed by the institutes into easily transportable packages and taken to central collection points in the individual building areas. On these packages, the title of the exam and the date of the exam must be clearly marked at the top and on the side of the packages. The dean's office organizes transport of the examination papers from the collection points to the archive of the examination office.